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I am a professional photographer specialising in photography of houses, flats, hotels and restaurants (and more).

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House and flat photography 

For landlords and homeowners – high quality photos dramatically improve the odds of selling or renting your home.

Commercial property photography  

Hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes often overlook the need for a strong online presence to attract customers.


About me

My interest in photography started early on, and I had an exhibition of my photos in school at age 16. I love to take photos of landscapes and nature in general, take a look at some of my favourite shots in my portfolio. At present I specialise in property photography, where I’ve developed a specialist eye at capturing all sorts of houses and flats from their best angles. Using cutting edge equipment, I’m able to produce  impressive results to make a property stand out.

I have been working as a professional photographer for a fast-moving estate agency for the past two years, and have been doing freelance photography work alongside for the previous six years. Over this time I have been into many (over 1300) properties of all sizes and shapes, and my skills at shooting and post-processing are now finely tuned. My freelancing has included a large body of work for healthy fast food restaurant Leon, which has taken me to over 40 of their sites between London, Brighton, Oxford and even Centre Parcs in Woburn Forest. Leon has a unique and trendy visual style that runs across its restaurants which I have become an expert in photographing, take a look at my portfolio to have a look. I have also worked for Best Western Hotels; estate agencies; property design and build companies and SSP International ‘the food travel experts’.  I also have further experience working in a photographic studio in Hertfordshire, and a tech company specialising in smart camera triggers. With all this experience, you can trust me to take care of your photos!

“The experience of a professional photographer is invaluable”


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